Want an easy way to shop for auto insurance?

Tell me if this sounds familiar…

You’re paying your monthly bills and notice a significant increase in your auto insurance payment. Frustrated, you contact the insurance company and ask why they didn’t notify you of the change in payment before taking money out of your checking account. They tell you they did notify you – they mailed you a notice with your insurance cards. You acknowledge receiving your insurance cards with your renewal but feel that their way of notifying you of such a substantial premium increase was a bit underhanded so you decide to shop for auto insurance.

You call the first agent – they say they’ll call you back later today and take down some details.  They never call.

You call the second agent – it takes 20 minutes and the quote is about the same as what you’re currently paying.

Disillusioned, you take to the internet for help…

You visit the first website and spend 20 minutes filling in details for one of the big insurance companies to give you a quote – turns out it’s about the same.

You find another website that promises instant quotes from multiple companies – it looks legit so you spend another 20 minutes filling in forms, including your contact details – you click the submit button… nothing. No instant quotes.

For the next month, you get completely bombarded with phone calls and emails. You realize you plugged your details into a lead generation website and your information has been sold to multiple insurance companies. You consider changing your phone number. After an hour of wasted time and a month of being hounded by salespeople, you acquiesce and decide to stay with your current agent.

Sounds familiar – perhaps partially familiar?

What if you could plug your details into a secure environment and insurance companies could provide quotes but they couldn’t see your contact details unless you liked their quote?

What if once you plugged in your details, your profile was saved so you never had to do it again?

What if, because your details were saved, you could shop for homeowners insurance again in the future with just the click of a button?

At Chrinco, we’re building this technology – technology that we believe will change an industry.  Technology that will make our platform the single best way to shop for auto insurance.

If you’d like to join us for beta testing, would like to receive updates on the release of our industry changing technology or would like to provide insight as to what we could do to improve our product, let us know!  We’d love for you to walk with us on this journey as we change an industry!

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