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At Chrinco, we believe we’re changing the way people shop
for insurance. Join us on our journey to change an industry. - Insurance Simplified.

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We do this by leveraging the latest advancements in technology to create a streamlined, transparent and secure buying experience. We are a pro consumer / pro insurance agent, company with a nationwide network of insurance agents representing the best brands in the industry.

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We believe the customer should be able to fill in a secure online quote request form without the fear of getting hounded by high pressure sales people. We also believe that insurance agents should be able to preview quoting opportunities before opening their wallets.

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At Chrinco, we’re building a centralized platform that brings insurance agents and customers together in a secure environment.
We believe we’re changing the way people shop for insurance.

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Customers will never receive unsolicited phone calls or emails from insurance agents when using our site because all contact information is withheld until the customer selects an insurance agent.

About Us is a startup company based in Central Florida with a vision to change the way people shop for insurance. This journey began in late 2016 and we believe that over the next twelve months our clients will be able to shop for insurance in less than a minute with just a click of a button. Are you interested in joining us on this journey? Want to give us feedback and share your thoughts on our product development?

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Home Insurance

Shopping for Home Insurance? Have This Information Ready

It’s easy to get a quote for home insurance, but the question is whether that quote is going to include enough coverage for your home and belongings. If you use an inaccurate home insurance quote, and there comes a time where you need to make a claim, you might not...

Car Insurance

What are the Different Types of Auto Insurance?

When it comes to an auto insurance policy, there are actually many different components. Aside from the standard liability coverage, there are types of auto insurance that cover medical payments, theft, and vandalism. It sounds complicated, but all of these options exist for your benefit and not all of them...


Should I Call an Insurance Agent or Shop for Insurance Online?

It wasn’t too long ago when your only option for buying any type of insurance was to call an insurance agent and ask for a quote or make an appointment to discuss your insurance needs. Today with the availability of the internet, you can also shop for insurance online without...

Home Insurance

How to Tell if You're Over-Insured on Your Home

You already know how important it is to maintain homeowners insurance on your home. While you hope to never have to use this insurance, you always want to have enough coverage in case you do need it in the event your home is damaged or even worse, destroyed. But what...