Hi, I’m Tony – the founder of Chrinco.com.  

And I hate shopping for home and auto insurance. 

You probably feel the same way, right? 

You don’t have time to call several companies every couple of years in search of lower rates.  You could probably make the time, but who should you call – your friend’s agent?  One of the big-name brands your parents use?  You could probably find something better to do with that hour and a half spent calling five companies for quotes, right?

You could fill in one of those online insurance quoting gimmicks – you know, the ones where you can get multiple quotes by filling in a single form – but you know that you’ll have phone calls and emails from insurance companies for weeks.  And you’re right….your contact details will get shot-gunned to any insurance company willing to pay for them.

It’s for these reasons I founded Chrinco.com. 

We’re changing the way that people shop for home and auto insurance by creating a platform where consumers just like you can shop insurance coverages without having to worry about your contact details getting sold to anybody with an insurance license. 

Simply setup your insurance profile and let our free software do the work for you.  All of the quotes stay within our platform and your contact details remain private until you find a company you like. 

And the best part is this – once you setup your insurance profile, our software will automatically shop your home and auto insurance as often as you like.  Want new quotes every year?  Every two years?  Just make this request part of your insurance profile – we’ll do the rest.

Once you setup your insurance profile at Chrinco.com, you’ll never have to shop for home or auto insurance again!

Want to see a quick video that explains the process – click here.