The single best way to get insurance leads (in our humble opinion)

As insurance agents, most of us have been there. You make the decision to purchase insurance leads and when they start rolling in you become disillusioned.  Either your expectations were way too high or the results were way too low – and you’re one unhappy agent.

You look through the leads and see phone numbers like 555-555-1234 or names like Johnny Appleseed or you call the lead and the person admits that they were just wanting to win a new tablet. You wonder aloud how the company could have passed these off as leads… but they did… and you paid for them… and now you want a refund. You call the rep who promised you the world and he says “just call this 800# and they’ll sort it out for you.” You call the 800# and they give you a credit towards another lead and you begin the cycle again.

Is this really the best way to get insurance leads?

The reality is the insurance lead business is a mess.  Leads are obtained through trickery and deceit and are sold through multiple channels to multiple agents, multiple times.

As an insurance agent – I always felt there had to be a better way. I knew what I wanted as an insurance agent. I could only assume that other agents felt the same way I did. So I set out to build a better model.

Currently, we are developing a new way for people to shop for insurance that we believe will change an industry. We’re creating a platform that brings insurance agents and consumers together in a secure and safe environment; an environment where the consumer provides accurate details because they know their information is protected. We’re developing an environment where agents can view quoting opportunities before committing any money which eliminates the bad leads credit conundrum. We know this will be the best way to get insurance leads.

If you are an insurance agent writing home and auto insurance and you’d like to be part of our beta test – if you’d like to get on the ground floor of what could be some revolutionary insurance technology – let us know. We’d love to help grow your agency while growing our platform.

Check out this post to learn 3 things you can do today to consistently get quoting opportunities.

Join the community and follow us as we not only provide insurance tips to consumers but also are developing a new way to shop for insurance. A new way that can benefit insurance agents throughout Florida. Join the journey that we believe will change an industry. Be a part of something big. – Insurance Simplified.

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